Materials: unfinished steel, delrin
Shank diameter: 0.50"
Shank wall thickness: 0.042"
Angle of head to shank: 7 1/2 degrees
Height, end of tip to underside of shank: 2"
Length, center of head to end of handle: 9 3/4"
Weight, with tip: 6oz
Status: prototype
Price: TBD

The Utility, a universal tuning lever with a conventional "L" shape, is a perfect companion lever to the Professional. It's inexpensive; it takes up little space and weight in the tool kit; it can reach any tuning pins the Professional can't; and it is ideal for such non-tuning tasks as turning balance rail glides and making string repairs, as well as for tapping
bridge pins, jacks, and other small parts.

The Utility is also ideal for pianists who need a small, inexpensive, portable hammer for touching up unisons at home and on the road.


Features of the Levitan
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