Materials: stainless steel, delrin
Shank diameter: 1.250"
Shank wall thickness: 0.034"
Angle of head to shank: 6 degrees
Height, end of tip to underside of shank: 3 9/16"
Length, center of head to end of shank: 13 3/4"
Weight, with tip: 19oz
Status: in production
Price: $298.00
Pianotek part number: TH-4L

The unique, patented “C” shape of the Professional sets it apart from all other tuning levers. The handle position, in the plane of the pin block, permits a complete separation between the turning and tilting forces on the tuning pin, and consequently
an unprecedented degree of control of the pin.

When used to tune grands, the Professional is more ergonomic, and more convenient, than a conventional “L”-shaped lever. Both hands can be kept comfortably low, in front of the torso. There’s no need to lift the lid or to reach over the stretcher into the piano.

While the Professional has been designed to fit most pianos, it is a not universal lever, and must be accompanied by a conventional “L”-shaped lever in the field.
(The Utility makes an ideal companion.)

Tips for using the Professional: Open PDF

Informational video (30 minutes):


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